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Justdial (sometimes stylised as JustDial or JD) is a company that provides local search for different services in India over the phone and online. Founded in 1996 by VSS Mani, the company is headquartered in Mumbai, India. In addition to its headquarters, Justdial has offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Pune. In 2020 Justdial had 10,984 employees and a database of approximately 29.4 million listings and 536,236 active paid campaigns.


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coordinating with IT, Admin, and voice team (Former Employee) says

"Overall worst company I ever worked. Such a disgusting management I have ever seen. Requesting everyone don't even take a chance to get into this companyNo pros only flexible shift timingsDisgusting everything"

Process Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst work culture is followed in the kolkata branch. There is no work life balance. They treat employees likd dogs. I won't recommend any to work here."

CIC (Former Employee) says

"Justdial is not good company for work. It has no office in Delhi ,it has its office in Noida , Managers takes meetings in the Parks and many times u have to go office which is very far away from ur job location and many times meetings are held at late night ,9 and 10 o'clock . And Services are very Bad which are been given to customers and customer get angry over u.Salary is given at timeCommitments of company are not fullfilled."

Assistant Manager Sales Date (Former Employee) says

"I will not recommended on the basis of my 8 years of experience of a political company just dial.run by a corrupt leaders. No personal life No appreciation Politics can get your growth. No growth.if you join as executive than u will die as executive untill u know buttering and working like a pet. I do carry recording of emp and boss and biWhen you wish to see from outsideWorst nightmare"

Sr. Process Associate (Current Employee) says

"Would never recommend anyone to work here no growth at all Only buttering works here If you are hard working honest person than please don't join here"

Calling to customers and doing sales (Former Employee) says

"Justdial is one of the worst company i ever met in my life no proper management no TLS only managers handle the team manager position is not worth for them such a worst company"

Certified Internet Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The profile and location which i got, unfortunately not suited for me due to various reasons and that's why i have shifted to a good company where i got to learn a lot of things and enhance my managerial skills."

Group Leader (Former Employee) says

"No work Balance Lot Of Pressure Manager Uses Abusive Language Pcmc managers are beave like Hitler no timnig For Work even if market will open 24 hrs they will give pressure for their employee to work 24 hrssalary on timePolitics and more system driven info. Sometimes clients will get effected"

Certified Internet Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I am worked here for six months in Hyderabad as certified internet Consultant The pressure will be high Manager's will put full pressure on u so you your self will resign and leave the. Company In market the name is so bad for company They will not provide proper information to their existing customers and the customer s will be calling employees Big fake company"

No Job (Former Employee) says

"I have a bad experience with Just Dial, the leads they provide is all fake and misleading. Never trust the leads they provide, cross verify with other vendors also."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"This company want earn only money. Not helpfull for employees and customer. Big target for employee and very costly packages sell in different prices. This Bad company pls don't use just dial. I believe in Indian company but it's worst company."

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"The work culture in JustDial is at least level of professionalism. There is no work life balance. The managers treat the junior employees with complete disrespect and office politics is at its peak.no prosworst work life balance"

Sales executive (Current Employee) says

"Worst company to see infact the new branch manager who don't care about the hardworking employees I was working there for last 6 months and in this month only they have deducted my salary more than half without any proper reason a culture of butter and oiling is followed there.Nothing goodEverything is lie"

Sales Executive Officer (Current Employee) says

"Bad company and managers . They treated all the employees like a dog . Waste company. Its not a corporate company fraud company. Dont go this company. Working hours of this company is too high. Dont go any one to this companyWorst companyVery very worst company"

Vendor (Former Employee) says

"Very band service. Inquiry they provide are usually wrong. I think 80% of their inquiry are fake and rest 20% inquiry have too much competition due to which you can't even recover your spent amount. I had 6000/month contract by ECS. when i did'nt get any response in 2 months. i asked them to stop my ECS but they didn't stop ECS. 3-4 months. i empty my account then ECS was getting bounce and penalty twice or thrice a day. and when i asked bank to stop contract they told me that Bank can't stop JustDial ECS. After that i have to close my account. Once you start Justdial contract then you get into a trap and they don't let you stop your contract aswell if you have signed any ECS. In my opinion Justdial is waste of time and money."

Business Development Executive (Former Employee) says

"They recruit with fake promise and didnt increase single penny till i left. The culture is just to make customer fool and the last price has to be paid by business development executive"

Team leader (Former Employee) says

"Pathetic place to work...no proper policies no growth path only favorites are promoted....salary very less...educated nd experienced people are not given chance to growNonePolitics...no growth"

Sales and Marketing Executive (Former Employee) says

"self motivation confident patience good experience client serving Overall rating* Job Work/Life Balance Salary/Benefits Job Security/Advancement Management Job Culture"

Business Development Executive (Former Employee) says

"not even have any benefits through justdial... no improvements in lifestyle.... its like a lion in a cage.....long hours"

Executive Business Development (Current Employee) says

"there is not any particulate working style you have create your own. no job security lots of pressure huge customer Dissatisfaction"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Good these days working environment"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"Discipline and behavior issues they abuse you"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Work life culture No professionalism No proper training"

Former Employee - Dialer Executive says

"-No promotion till years, you will find all managers with minimun 10 years with company who has already eligible for multiple gratuity. - No increaments (If happen then it will be so nominal that you will not feel) -No facilities. - No policies they have which they should bounded with,everything will change according to their count of sales. - Worst management. - No canteen, one will have to take your food on desk itself which is rubbish. - As my part of I role I was eligible for 1000/- of bonus every month which was even written on my offer letter but didn't got a single penny. - IMPORTANT part was we were thrown out with no salary after the lockdown which was worst part."

Former Employee - Information Retrieval Officer says

"No inclusiveness for minorities.Discrimination based on religious beliefs."

Former Employee - Just Dial Ambassador says

"No work life balance , considered as sales , out dated product, stressed life completely."

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Worst management ang lack of support. Abusive seniors and tense environments."

Former Employee - Relationship Manager says

"Bad work culture. Disrespectful management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They will make you work like slave,suck your blood and throw you away"

Former Employee - Certified Internet Consultant says

"Job in JustDeal is clumsy with its future as everything goes on here only with lump and lime. Employee said more if either he will be fired or salary will be withheld. The company is absolutely right, but some of the officers here are absolutely wrong, so seeing it, brothers, people in the Just Dial, especially all the sales people"


"very bad costomer services. the costomer advisors are unbilevable liers... all of them. i already call them about 8 times, for my contact, adress details change. but they are not give a value for my problem. please dont make any contact with just dial team. worst team....

bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad service i ever seen......."

Logu Anand says

"If i get any - value in rating, i will select the last -value in the rating table. BECAUSE,

When i asked them to deactivate my company listing on December 08,2020. They told for deactivation, you have to pay 4750Rs as a deactivation charge, as a acknowledgement to that payment, they told they will provide Certificate and rating with it.

So in order to deactivation we are insisted to pay to justdial, after payment done from our end, there is no deactivation message came to our registered mobile and as they promised like we will not trigger ECS to your bank on every 10th of each month. But as we expected this FRAUD JUSTDIAL company has triggered ECS for December 10 and January 10. When we trying to communicate the same, they Fraud employees of the FRAUD JUSTDIAL company was ignoring the call with blunder reply we will check and come back to you.

PLEASE DO NOT ENROLL IN THIS JUSTDIAL, as a personal experience, they will not provide customers instead those people itself call us twice a day and they will talk like customers and get informations from us.

Totally FRAUD people.

Once after paid the 4750Rs for deactivation only we get to know from EX-EMPLOYEE of justdial that there is no deactivation charges. FRAUD JUSTDIAL EMPLOYEE will grab money for several reasons like this it seems."

Raghu Pingle says

"Just dial is a fraud company. It shows fake company address and number for money. Customer actual review not shown at the time of search engine only good shows . Actual company review deleted which is harmful for the company bussiness. IT IS ONLY BUSSINESS NOT PROVIDE REAL SITUATION."

Mehar says

"worst company with no care for customers. After closing my company so many times i called just dial to stop my ecs, they were not at all listening my requests and taking money from my account every month. Hurting experience from just dial. Poor care for customers"

Patidar_Hospital Hospital, Ujj says

"Worst website, they didn't respond on complaint.
I have complained about same thing 10 times but, they didn't even responded a single time
Worst website, very bad employees, very poor service, very poor customer care services.
Very very worst website"

khushbu gajjar says

"My business has closed from past 2-3 months ago. I do not have any source to continue my business and I want to close my account and I requested for the same 2-3 months ago but Without knowing Just dial team have added 1 year contract and now they denied to stop EMI. Just dial services are so chip and pathetic. Don't do business with them. they are fake."

Taher Shaikh says

"Your cheat me account my ecs cutting she does not tell before about renew automatically cutting ecs my acount i leggaly contact to just dial from 6 month to stop your service but no response from just dial
I Recvested stop my services & cloz my account atherwise I leggaly complaint to just dial in court."

OLSRV says

"I wanted to stop my service of just dial becoz of covid- 19 my business has shut down. Still just dial deducting money fron my account. Due to that my account balance is -11000 right now. Worst service I have got ever. Kindly do the needful."

RPSingh says

"Just dial logo ko bevkoof banakar paise kuti hai. 4 mahine ho Gaye mujhe paise diye hue meri position pahle 12 no par thi paise dene ke baad 34 no par chali gayi. Koi sunvai nahi hoti yaha na paise vapas ho rahe h na position uper aa rahi h. Koi bhi paise Dekar iske chakkar me na fasen."

Laxmi Ummalaneni says

"Just dail adds is fake. Time waste money waste"

Er Ilyas Mansuri says

"Worst experience with just dial. Before payment, they are talking very clam and once the payment is done no one will support, and especially one so-called Very bed service..
2 month ho Gaye daily bol h website live ho jayge but call tk received nhi krti employee.
Me pise dekr fas gya just dial KO."

pankaj jha says

"very bad service. Justdial is fraud and the numbers they provide for any service are also fraud. 4 din se koi bhi lead nahi aayi. pure din m 1 lead aati thi wo bhi fack hoti hai"

BB says

"Review is for the site that appears to be located in NYC but is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

1) Company is listing/affiliating my business on their site without my permission. 2) They also list my home address, not my business address. This is a privacy and potential safety problem. I've requested removal of my info. 3) When I've requested they remove my info, they respond with a link to an article favorably reflecting their site and request that I read it. They never removed my listing or my home address, or responded to my follow up emails."

Mikey Boy 😇 says

"These people are invading my life with their constant rediculous intrusive diarrhea poo poo. I can't seem to UNSUBSCRIBE from these looney's. Very, Very f---ing annoying."

Hari Haran says

"Hi I am Tamilarasan Sree Amman Associates in karur just dail is worst service I ever they begging me for cash it is worst service I mail them to close the process but they beg me for cash this is not a procedure I get call from soundarya she begging me for stay and they didn't allow to close this no one put any buisness in this"

Naina kapoor says

"Justdial is fraud and the numbers they provide for any service are also fraud. They looted and threatened me and i got scammed by the mobile repair company(The Mobi World) given by justdial. They do not check and verify any comapny and just give them business. Its been 1 month i am suffering and now that fraudsters is threatening me for not giving back my money. Also after multiple complaints justdial haven't done any action yet also not refunding back my money. Now i am raising this issue higher level i am going file complaint against them in Consumer Commission."

Shubam Dubey says

"Didnt received call from their side no enquiry receiving they are giving fake commitments"

Maa Maakuteeram says

"Worst experience with just dial. Before payment, they are talking very clam and once the payment is done no one will support, and especially one so-called manager Mr. Abhilash he himself calls as manager but does not know how to talk to the client. once the package activated they are giving information on how to log in how to change keywords after 20 days."

OMRNanban Nanban says

"On 4th August 2020 , I raised a request for stopping my ECS Cheque.

Every time i call justdial on 88888 88888, the agent transfers me to your ECS processing team, but the call gets cut within 10 seconds of transfer. I have tried this option atleast 5 times over the past 1 week. I receive an assurance from the agents who answer the phone

1. Every time, some agent picks up the call, I start the process all over again. This happened atleast 6 - 8 times over a period of 1 week.

2. The so called call back from the ECS team never comes. One day , I got 2 successive calls from 2 different numbers,. I could not pick up the call , but, when I called back both the numbers, it was a generic board number with no extension. Within next 5 mins , I received an SMSl from the so called ECS team that since I did not answer the phone, the ECS is being extended.

This is very unethical when I have been called your team 8 - 10 times over the past 1 week. You are a consumer facing company and you choose to close calls without even correcting the problems at your end.

3. I called up another agent today . Suganth Rajan from Just dial , Guindy , Chennai picked up the call. I narrated the same story again. And he transferred the call to ECS team again and same old story , the call got cut without being answered.
You guys are so efficient that you cannot call back a customer , but can send a SMS notification within 10 seconds that I did not pickup the call and chose to extend the ECS subscription without my consent when the whole idea of me trying to reach you was to STOP the ECS process.

4. Before transferring I asked SuganthRajan what is the process of escalation ? Your employee does not know whom to escalate, does not know phone no of his manager, does not have email id of his manager and does not know what is the escalation path.

To think of Justdial as an internet of phone & company directory listings, You seem to be a company without a proper process and directions. This feedback comes from a paying loyal customer. I hope this review reaches the attention of the management and someone who is really in charge of operations and who is interested in getting things better calls me back.

I know a thing or two about customer service and say with all my conscience that you have a broken process and a broken company that needs a fix. You can be in denial mode, but, that does not help fix your problem because there seems to be no proper escalation process published for customers to followup

May God be with you.

My contact no : 9176442864

Murali krishnan"

dipanwita roy says

"yeah, it was an average experience. but it could be better as you guys are a reputed company."